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Neon Flex Signs - FAQ

Why should I buy from The Neon Sign?

We test all our Neon/LED Flex signs with a set of QC list both in-process and before we ship out. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority. All our signs are handmade by a team of experts.

Unlike most Chinese companies, we answer the phone! We provide phone support for your questions before ordering delivery.

We provide a 1-year warranty from the date of order if there are any manufacturing defects.

We offer all possible Neon/LED Flex. We have options for standoff signs, desktop signs (like TV stands), metal frames, and more. We also ship oversized signs!. If you want a mirror-like finish in the backing, we can do that too. Please feel free to ask us any kind of backing, installation, or any other customization you want, and we can do it for you.

With an additional cost, we can add a dimmer option to the sign. Most of our tubes are very bright; hence you may want to control the brightness on the sign. The dimmer feature helps to reduce light if the sign installed in the reception of an office or the house.

Neon/LED signs have similar brightness as Neon Glass signs just not as fragile because its made of silicon. These are very smooth and elegant looking signs.

What is Neon/LED Flex sign made?

Neon/Flex signs can be manufactured of acrylic/plastic backing or metal frame (if you choose this option); however, the tubes are made of silicone and are very elegant. The luminous glow of the sign occurs due to the LED inside the silicon tubes.

Here is a photo of how it looks:

Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign

Neon/LED flex signs are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable (50,000 hours)
  • Energy Efficient (uses a fraction of energy as traditional Neon Glass Sign)
  • Safer (Made of Silicon, not glass)

Our signs provide an incredible visual impact. It serves and exceeds the same functionality as a traditional Glass Sign, and it is better in all aspects. (See how in the graph below the question.)

Our Neon/LED Flex neon signs, lights, photo frame, LED Flex:

Have multiple colors choice
2. 2. Have over ten different backing types (Black backing, Clear backing, Metal frame, Contour cut, Almost no backing, Mirror finish, White, and all other standard colors), which can be customized as well. We can cut the backing of the sign into different shapes like square, rectangular, round, oval, and custom shape. Here are some photos of how each backing looks like.
3. Have over thousands of standard designs that you can purchase from.
4. Have an online custom tool that you can use for designing a sign of your choice.

What's the difference between traditional Neon Glass Signs and Neon/LED Flex Signs?

LED Neon Flex VS. Traditional Neon Glass

Benefits LED Neon Flex Traditional Neon Glass

Much cheaper

Easier to replace lights tubes

Cheap to ship

Higher upfront cost

Costly to maintain

Twice the shipping cost as we have to take one box and pack it again

Durability LED Neon Flex is made of:

high quality

flame retardant Silicon

flexible Silicon which does not shatter easily

Runs for 50,000 hours

Traditional neon signs are:


easily breakable glass

Energy Efficiency

Low power usage

Voltage of 24V/120V

Lower electricity costs

Greater safety

Uses a fraction of the energy as traditional neon glass

The input voltage of 3KV-18KV

Higher energy costs

Greater safety concerns

Safety / Suitability for Home Decor

Lower voltage

Neon/LED flex signs don't get hot

made of Silicon not glass

Silicon does not shatter easily

Made of glass

Shatters easily

Can heat up

Quiet No buzzing sound Bit of buzzing noise
Brightness 210 lumens which make Neon/LED flex brighter 197 lumens gives Neon Glass a warmer light
Nostalgic Appeal LED Flex will have a vintage look like Neon, just won't look the same. Some people just need the nostalgic look of old-style vintage neon and that's ok!

How do Neon/LED Flex sign actually light-up?

Neon/Flex tubes are made of silicon. Inside the tubes, there is a PCB strip with LED on it, which will give off light. When it powers up, it gives the same feeling as the Neon Glass tube.

Here is a photo of some of the strips from inside:

Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign

Once the tubes are installed on the backing, we then connect all the tubes to make the complete circuit for all the tubes to light up.

How do Neon/LED Flex tubes attach to the Plastic Acrylic backing?

We use glue to attach the tubes into the backing. Glue is clear and isn't visible on the back or front. Before we glue, we first trace the tubes into the backing and laser cut 1-2 mm so that the tube can be pushed into the backing and then glued together, this provides a very tight and secure grip of the tubes into the backing without any worry about getting off.

Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign

What are your customization options?

All Neon LED Flex signs have an option to customize by color, backing type, backing shape, font, frame, mounting type, and additional UV Printing.

1. Colors: We have 12+ colors here are the options and pictures:

  • Green
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Peachy Pink
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Warm White
  • Hot Pink
  • Gold Yellow
  • Cool White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Ice Blue
Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign

2. Backing type: We offer six different types of backing

  • Clear Acrylic Backing
  • Black Backing
  • UV Print Backing
  • Letter Only Backing
  • Stand Backing
  • Metal Frame Backing
Metal Frame Neon Flex Sign
Metal Frame Backing
Black Backing Neon Flex Sign
Black Backing
Clear Backing Neon Flex Sign
Clear Backing
Contoured Backing Neon Flex Sign
Contoured Clear Backing
Neon Flex Sign with Stand Backing
Stand Backing
UV Print Neon Flex Sign
Contoured Clear with UV Print Backing

3. Backing shape: Our default backing shape is a standard rectangle, but we can cut the backing in any form. With cursive fonts, for example, we cut around the words to make it stand out more.

Contoured Cut Backing
Contoured Cut along text Backing
Contoured Cut along logo shape
Contoured Cut along logo shape
Round Cut Backing
Round Cut Backing
Standard Rectangle Backing
Standard Rectangle Backing

4. Font: Visit our list of standard fonts at: DAFonts, or Google Fonts, and let us know what you want.

5. Frame: Metal frames can be added to any sign to create a more urban look.

Metal Frame Neon Flex Sign
Metal Frame Neon Flex Sign
Metal Frame Neon Flex Sign
Metal Frame Neon Flex Sign

6. Mounting type: All signs come with pre-drilled holes in the backing for you to hang as you choose. We can also create freestanding signs and neon sculptures.

*Materials to secure the sign are not included. Custom Neon is not responsible for the wall mounting or installation of any of our products.

7. UV Printing: We provide this with an additional cost

UV Print Neon Flex Sign
UV Print Neon Flex Sign
UV Print Neon Flex Sign
UV Print Neon Flex Sign

For a full look at our options, explore:

Do you need to add a logo or a unique design on a sign?

We have three ways to custom signs:

  1. Custom Text Tool: That you can use to create text online signs
  2. Template based custom signs: In this option, we have pre-designed over 50+ designs in which you can add some personalized text to make it suit you. Typically these signs are used in the man caves, home bars, garages, game rooms, sunrooms, etc.
  3. Fully Customize: We can do almost any font, shape, backing, style, and design to turn your vision into a neon/led reality!

Will I see the cables in front of the sign?

We take extra time and effort to make sure the sign you are getting is looking pretty, but if the sign has a black backing, we route the cables from the back of the sign so you won't see it.

Got the sign, but something is not right, what's next?

In this regrettable and rare occurrence, we ask you to please take photos of broken signs, missing parts, or anything and email us so we can review with our production team and come back with a resolution or any additional information within 24 hours.

It is essential to report any issues within 24-48 hours of receiving a sign. This way, we can file the required claims with the shipping carrier.

  • I am out of town, can't open the box
  • This purchase is a birthday gift, can't open the box
  • I opened one box today and opened the second box later but found it broken.
  • Etc
In either of the above scenarios, we request you to PLEASE open the sign first to ensure its working and pack it back. I know its a bit extra work, but reporting an issue on time is worth it. Shipping warranty will be void in the event you are not able to report any problems with the sign within the first 24-48 hours.

Can I get a Neon Flex sign that will stand up without needing to be wall mounted?

Absolutely! We offer Neon Stands, which are pretty much like a TV Stands. They are very stable and will hold the entire sign stable on a table or a leveled surface. We can do this for any size as well. Here are a few of the photos of how the sign will look like:

Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign

What if I just want a regular sign?

Customers design all our signs online before ordering. But we have thousands of standard designs you can choose from if you don't want to go to the trouble of creating a new one.

Are the signs battery operated?

All Custom Neon signs are plug-in only; this is because battery-powered signs don't hold power well and fades very quickly. Many customers have purchased external battery packs, but their strength and efficiency will depend on each sign.

How do I hang my neon light?

Custom Neon is not responsible for the wall mounting or installation of any of our products. We do recommend hanging the sign with the chain provided, but as we do not know the specifications of your establishment, we can't give recommendations for wall mounting. Common installations include:

  • Inside a window facing out
  • Inside a window facing in
  • Mounted on an indoor wall

Depending on how you want to install your sign, we can include standoffs in the final product. Standoffs are small, clear buffers that keep the sign from touching material in front of it — mostly seen in outward-facing signs.

Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign

Why are the small marks on my sign?

All signs from The Neon Store are handmade so that each sign might have a small tool or glue marks. When you turn the sign on, you won't see any marks as they are minor.

Can I use my Neon Store sign outdoors?

Our standard signs are not watertight and are therefore not suited for any outdoor use. If requested for an added cost, we can make the sign outdoor-friendly.

What are the shipping costs?

We offer free shipping to 48 States in the US. For other countries, we will charge a small fee (depending on the country). We adjust the power of the sign as per your country.

What is the returns policy?

As every sign is custom made to order, we do not accept any returns. All sales are final.

What's the warranty on the sign?

All our signs come with a one-year manufacturing defect warranty. If something is wrong with the sign, please email a photo and a description of what is wrong to within 24 hours of receiving the sign, and we will do what we can to fix or replace the sign.

What is included in the box with my sign?

All signs include:

  • A 6ft power cable
  • An on and off switch
  • A standoff
  • A hanging chain
  • Transformer
Neon Flex Sign

How do we pack our Neon Flex Sign?

Here are a few photos of how we do packing:

Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign
Neon Flex Sign

Our goal is to make sure the sign reaches you without any damage.

How soon will I get my Neon sign?

It takes 7-10 business days to produce and pack a custom sign, then 4-5 business days to ship it.

Your order will ship from one of our three manufacturing locations (South El Monte, CA, Austin, TX, or Boca Raton, Florida). Business hours are 8 am to 5 pm, (central standard time), Monday-7Friday.

Shipping options include UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

What if I need my sign sooner/rush?

Need a sign within as little as three business days? We can produce and ship your sign such that it delivers to you within three business days. Let us know the date you want it when ordering, and we will produce the sign faster than the standard lead time and express ship the sign once complete though the whole process will have additional fees.

How do I track my order?

When your order is shipped, we will email you the tracking number. Contact us for any order-related questions at or go to, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

I received the sign, but there are slight glue impressions?

All of our work is handmade. Due to our handiwork, small amounts of imperfections like glue may sometimes be visible on your piece. But we assure you once it's up and glowing, it all fades away.

How long is the cable?

The cable is 6 feet is the standard size of the cable to connect from sign to the wall.

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