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LED Neon Store: Why us

Our Neon light company has a wide variety of LED signs options for anyone for any purpose. We have a team with years of experience and knowledge which will collaborate with you to achieve the sign that you need. We will be with you in the whole process, from design consultation, revisions, and finalizing. Our phone lines are always open, ready to attend to all your questions/concerns, or you can email us, and we will respond immediately. If you need something soon and don't have much time, don't worry because we do rush orders, so talk to us, and we'll make it work.

Neon LED Sign: State-of-the-art signage

LED Neon light sign is a foremost choice for most people nowadays, not only because LED Neon is safer but also because it is significantly more affordable than the traditional neon glass signs we know. Everything you need is on a LED Neon sign. It's made of flexible silicone tubes making it more durable compared to glass signs and is more energy-efficient too. These elegant LED Neon lights can be used by anyone, anywhere as it will surely give your space the glow and life it needs with its beautiful bright colors. May it be neon lights for kids, LED party sign, wedding neon sign, led business sign, or even as a gift to someone, it will surely serve its purpose and would attract anyone who sees it! If you want a light sign, that is safer to use, more durable, and a gorgeous piece at a very affordable price, then go for a Neon LED sign. Because, why not?

Custom LED Neon Sign

We understand that many people want to personalize unique neon signs, so if you have a logo/design or your idea to be converted into a distinctive sign, then we can help you achieve that. We have done many customizations in the past and are continuing to serve our clients for years now. Be it a rough sketch, verbal idea, or intricate design, successfully lightened up by us. Another cool thing is our very user-friendly customization tool online, which allows you to preview your customized neon design on a click and order your sign directly from our website.

Add a glowing sign to your space that inspires you, surprise your soulmate with a neon sign proposal, or light up your identity mark to differentiate yourself in the market, pleased to do on your one request.
Light sign for business
LED Neon signs can be very beneficial to business establishments as it's something that can advertise their products/services; it can attract customers even from a distance as it will surely stand out. Neon light signs are made of flexible silicone tubes, making it a lot more lasting compared to the traditional neon glass signs, which shatter easily. It's also safer for the environment and the public as it doesn't contain any toxic materials, and with all of these benefits, LED Neon signs are still generally more affordable than glass signs.

Nonstop lighting with stunning color gives business, large and small, a sense of 24/7 welcoming vibe. Get an LED open closed sign in your storefront, Vacancy neon sign as outdoor signage, Welcome LED sign, Neon restroom sign, in your style. Create hype for your business by officially announcing it with custom neon signs. Get a free mockup of your logo or any design now.
LED Neon Store customizes every design with quality output whether being the case of hundreds of franchise signs needed in rush or just one custom neon signage for any crucial event like wedding, conference, or party.
What our customers say

We value the desire of each customer to have custom neon light signs at an affordable rate.View All
  It took a while for me to finally decide what I really wanted, but they were very patient to answer all my questions! I truly admire the superior quality of the sign and best customer service they provide.   Kathy D.
  Looks awesome. I love how bright it is that It can really be seen from a distance. It was very easy to deal with them that I only had to communicate through email and their sales agents respond to my queries right away. If you want stress free, go with them.   John R.
  My daughter loved the pink “Barbie” sign. It was very accommodating with you guys. Thanks! for providing what I wanted at a reasonable price.   Lisa M.
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